RT In The Path

Big news!!!

We’re very excited to announce that the international network, RT, will air In The Path of Resistance.

RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide.

This is an incredible opportunity to share this story with the world. The film will be translated into Spanish, Arabic, and Russian for a broader audience.

RT Airs “In The Path of Resistance”




In The Path of Resistance is selected for the 10th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival!


Click Here for Screening Information

One Sheet - In The Path

5 thoughts on “

  1. Interested in seeing this when it comes out. It should have been a no brainer to deny KXL. All risk and no rewards for this export pipeline.

  2. just caught ur “path of res” doc. on RT, EXTREMELY well done. i’m a musician/filmMaker by trade, curretly living in the People’s Republic of Hackney, London E5. and am very interested in the trajectory of your future werks. will be in touch via email as soon as pos. all the best, keep up the good werk, spk zoon.

    over and out,

    m.j. cabansky

  3. Saw “Resistance” at the SIFF in Saratoga Springs yesterday (9/17). Was impressed by both the content and the technical quality of the film (although it would have benefited from a steadicam!). The way the filmed elements were edited together to create a coherent and compelling narrative was very professional. I also very much enjoyed the original music, which fit neatly into the narrative of the film and added an important layer of emotional sensibility. I hope this gets out to a wide audience in the US, as well as internationally via RT.

  4. thank you RT for supporting this team. it cannot be found anywhere else. it’s good to have alternative source for the truth.

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