Day 11 – A New Path

Today we spent the afternoon with Meghan Hammond, whose family’s farm is directly on KXL’s route. The Hammonds have refused to make a deal with TransCanada. In fact, they went even further than that. Last summer the community got together to raise the Solar and Wind Barn, a small barn used as a community center, with solar panels and a small windmill. With the Barn, the Hammonds are telling TransCanada that not only are they going to stand in the way of the Keystone XL path, but stand in the way of the path the fossil fuel industry is leading us down. The Solar and Wind Barn is an example of a new path our society needs to take. That’s what our project is all about: communities coming together, fighting for their land, and leading the way towards a just and sustainable future.

So our kickstarter is winding down, but our project has just begun. Editing and post-production will take over a year to get this film where we want it. Along the way we’ll post previews and trailers so you can watch the progress. And in the coming months we will send out post-cards, photo albums, and other rewards you may have signed up for.

We’ve explained to all the communities we’ve met with how important it is with us to maintain the connection we’ve established and stayed involved with them. We hope you’ll do the same. Make sure to follow to watch the film’s progress and evolution.

Noga and I are so touched with the support we’ve gotten. Thank you all so much and please do stay involved. And remember, these frontline community members are just ordinary people, whose motivation is to protect their families and communities. If we all do the same, we can all begin to take our new path together.

– Alex

Alex talking w/ Meghan

Alex talking w/ Meghan


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