Day 2 & 3 – Complex Road Ahead

Day 2 & 3 – Complex Road Still Ahead

I am humbled and greatly moved by the past two days. We’ve gotten to meet and speak with some people with true integrity. Yudith Nieto and Juan Parras of the Houston-based environmental justice organization TEJAS spoke with us about the communities they live in and organize for. Hilton Kelley, environmental organizer of the industrial city, Port Arthur, shared stories from his life and community. The talks were not the usual rhetoric we’ve been used to. We heard about the environmental racism and economic oppression that pollutes the neighborhoods of Houston and Port Arthur, the heavy ties the fossil fuel industry has with the local economy, and the difficulty of transitioning to renewables. The path to a just and sustainable future is a complex one. Certainly far more complex than most of us realize.

But I was reminded, while speaking with Yudith, Juan, and Hilton, of the importance of acknowledging these complexities and beginning to understand the long road still ahead of us.

We have one week left to fundraise. I can now say with confidence, having 11 hours of footage from just 4 days, that this will be a powerful story with a chance at creating real change. Please share with your friends, family, co-workers, and help make this project happen.

– Alex

Alex w/ Juan Parras, founder of TEJAS

Alex w/ Juan Parras, founder of TEJAS


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