Day 9 – Camaraderie

Today was particularly special. The sun set on Nebraska farmland blanketed by snow. We followed Randy around as he fed his horses before returning inside for the night. We spent the afternoon on his small farm near Lincoln, Nebraska. When TransCanada arrived on Randy’s doorstep, they insisted that if he did not agree to allow TransCanada to build the KXL on his land, their corporation would seize it from him anyway within a year’s time. That was seven long years ago, Randy explained to us with a smile. Because of his steadfast resistance to the pipeline, it’s fair to say that Randy has become one of the most prominent ranchers in America.

We stayed for hours – long after the interview had ended – discussing climate change, the state of democracy, and the necessity of citizen participation. If Noga and I didn’t have more work to do tonight, we would probably still be there now. I got the sense none of us really wanted to say goodbye. As Randy put it to me just before we left, “the best part about this whole thing is meeting good people.”

Noga and I have been absolutely blown away by the strong convictions, principles, and work ethic of everyone we’ve met. I guess I never had expected to find camaraderie on a small farm in Nebraska but that’s just what we’ve gained.

In our first two days in Nebraska we’ve had four extensive interviews. We sat down with Senator Ken Harr, toured Graham Christensen’s family farm, discussed energy policy with lawyer Brian Jourde, and then met up with Randy.

I’m also very pleased to announce that today we reached our kickstarter goal, meaning we can make this project a reality and share these very special stories with the rest of the country. In just one day we raised $1000 dollars. Over 90 people have “backed” us. Noga and I are both incredibly grateful and touched by everyone who helped make it happen. You have taken this film and us seriously and we will do the same.

For the final three days of fundraising, please continue to share with friends and strangers alike, encouraging them to support this project and be a part of the story. Let’s make it to 100 backers!

– Alex

Alex w/ Rancher Randy Thompson

Alex w/ Rancher Randy Thompson


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