Media Kit

Why Screen In The Path of Resistance?

This is a film for those who are already passionate about climate change as well as those who have never heard of climate justice before. In the Path of Resistance is an important learning tool to understand the impact of the climate crisis on people – how they’ve struggled and come together. Learn how racism and economic injustice shaped the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline.

These are the voices left out of the national conversation about climate change and the Keystone XL. And that’s a problem because these are the people living on the frontlines.

Filming In the Path of Resistance was a personally inspiring experience. Each day we met with different people who took a stand for their communities, despite incredible odds. The goal of the film is to share our thrilling experience traveling to the beautiful lands threatened and the people on the frontlines of the movement.

            The film’s runtime is 60 minutes. It is being screened nationwide.

Please let us know the date and time of your screening so we can include the information on our website and Facebook page.

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