This film was a labor of love, but labor nonetheless. It required an enormous amount of time and resources to film, edit, and produce. Your contribution helps make this film and future documentaries possible.

DVD’s are available as well as Blu-ray discs. See prices below.



* New reduced rate for individual DVDs * 

Individual Rate
$20 $30 – Licensed for individuals. (Home and private use only; public screening and classrooms rights are not included.) SPECIAL NOTE: Local grassroots activist groups may purchase DVDs at this rate.

Community Rate
$75 – Licensed for community organizations, high schools, public libraries, and video stores. (Includes public screening rights.) Community groups may sell our videos to individuals to raise funds for your organization.

Institutional Rate
$175 – Licensed for universities and colleges, university and college libraries, university and college student groups, museums, media art centers, unions, and national/regional organizations with video collections for rent or loan. (Includes public screening rights and institutional classroom use.)

About Our Pricing Categories 
Schools and libraries pay a higher price for our video documentaries in order to obtain public screening rights, which grants permission to screen the video before a public audience or for use in a classroom. However, we do not want our pricing guidelines to discourage anyone from screening our films. Please contact us if you have financial concerns about hosting a screening or if you believe your organization fits into one of these categories but does not have the resources to afford that price.


Alex Leff