Bill McKibben recently tweeted about an inspiring new student film on the folks living along the KXL route.

In the new documentary In The Path of Resistance, student filmmaker Alex Leff travels along the proposed route, visiting communities in Texas, Nebraska, and South Dakota to meet those living on the frontlines.

In this groundbreaking film, activists share their personal stories of empowerment and the many ways they fight for their communities. Some are just finding their voices, learning how to organize and speak out. Others have been at it for a long time. But for all of them, this is their first time speaking out together. They begin by trying to stop TransCanada … and end up starting a movement.

With President Obama’s recent rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, we must continue on the long path of resistance ahead. The lessons from the KXL are ones we’ll need to take with us on that path. While centering on the KXL, the film explores larger issues of racism, environmental destruction, and economic injustice. In the Path of Resistance is an important learning tool to understand the impact of the climate crisis on people – how they’ve struggled and come together.

Screen In The Path of Resistance in your community!

Email to watch the film and/or hold screenings in your communities. Support a student filmmaker and explore climate justice beyond the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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