Media Kit

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Thank you for your interest in screening Students & Goliath!

A divestment campaign is most successful when all of the student body is involved – whether through awareness or action. Students & Goliath’s goal is to educate, inspire, and promote further action. This is the story of our generation’s greatest battle, and it’s a story that must be told.


Steps to take prior to screening:

–       Find a space and time on your campus. Please let me know so I can announce the screening – therefore getting both your screen and my film support

–     Send me an email or Facebook message for the password and make sure the link works


Email or send a message to Alex Leff on Facebook to receive the password to the private link

DVDs are also available:

Individual DVDs – $15

Educational institutions – $75


Here you can access the Press Release


Here you can access the Main Graphic for advertising and promoting the screening


Suggested Discussion Topics

–       Initial reactions to film and story

–     Things audience found inspiring

–     Questions audience may have about how divestment works

–       Explain your campaign’s role in the movement

–       When you were founded

–       How you are structured

–       What you did last year

–       What you hope to accomplish this year

–      Obstacles your campaign has encountered and how to overcome them

–    Advertise your next meeting or event on campus


What I’m asking for in return:

–       Please let me know the date and time of your screening, so I can include the information on the Facebook page

–       A picture of those who attended your screening together with members of your divestment campaign. I’ll use the photos on Facebook to show the growing number joining the fight against Goliath!

–       A small donation (to invite at your screening) to me to help with the making, promotion, and circulation of the film

Here’s why:

        This film was entirely a labor of love, but labor nonetheless. I worked mostly independently on the film, spending full days conducting interviews, collecting original and common B-roll, purchasing Tar Sands footage, transporting myself to many events, months of editing, and producing the final product. That is why I am suggesting small donations to help fund the making and promoting of Students & Goliath.


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